The Official College of Industrial Engineers of Western Andalusia (COIIAOC), which has already adhered to the Pact for Industry in Andalusia in the framework of the Industrial Strategy of Andalusia 2020, has a strong commitment to the support and promotion of the industrialization of our region whose industrial GDP has historically been below the Spanish and European average.

This objective is not simple or immediate, but requires the long-term commitment of all the political, social, professional and business forces of Andalusia.

As an example of its commitment, COIIAOC has developed an Industrial Land Map that incorporates detailed information on industrial estates and technology parks located in Andalusia with an area exceeding 80,000 m2, as well as a catalogue of the most important industrial companies of each sector situated in our region.

The final objective of this work is to make an in-depth study of the industrial sector of Andalusia that may be useful for potential investors and a tool for Andalusian public administrations so that they can guide the location of companies.