Industrial Land Map of Andalusia

Industrial Land Catalogue

The Industrial Land Catalogue incorporates detailed information on the productive areas, industrial estates and technological parks located in Andalusia, with a total area of ​​industrial land represented on the map exceeding 245 million m2.

A wide variety of data has been collected from all these spaces, such as:

  • Area
  • Availability of plots.
  • Link to the land register
  • Communications both by road and distances to airports and rail and maritime freight transport areas.
  • Electrical grids and substations, energy infrastructures, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, solar power plants…etc.

In the same way, the Catalogue show the logistics networks that our region has, tagging the main airports, seaports and railway freight stations on the map.

COIIAOC offers you the possibility of requesting elaborated and/or specific information from the Catalogue of Industrial Land.

You can request it here:

Futhermore, through the Catalogue of Industrial Companies, COIIAOC is preparing a database including the most important companies in the Andalusian industrial sector in each province. Information is provided for each company regarding the number of employees, turnover, industrial sector, location, etc.

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Green Flags Program

This Program awards the Green Flag for industrialization to those municipalities that, after an objective evaluation of multiple parameters, exceed a level of excellence in industrial development and implementation in their field.