Green Flags Program for Industrialization

The Official College of Industrial Engineers of Western Andalusia has a strong commitment to supporting and promoting the industrialization of our region, whose industrial GDP has historically been below the Spanish and European average.

This objective is not simple or immediate, but requires the long-term commitment of all the political, social, professional and business forces in Andalusia.

To support industrial development, it has drawn up a Catalog of Industrial Land in Andalusia that includes detailed information on all productive spaces, industrial land, industrial estates and technology parks located in Andalusia, energy and communication infrastructures, as well as a catalog of installed industrial companies. in our region, the most important in each sector.

The final objective of this work is to make an x-ray of the industrial sector of Andalusia that serves as a guide for potential investors, promoters and industrial consultants and as a tool for Andalusian public administrations so that they can guide the location of companies.

To encourage competitiveness in promoting industrial development, the Green Flags Program has been developed. This Program awards the Green Flag for industrialization to those municipalities that, after an objective evaluation of multiple parameters, exceed a level of excellence in industrial development and implementation in their field.


Bandera Verde por la Industrialización